How Important Is the Data, Images, Movies, Programs Stored And Installed On Your Computer?

Backup Solutions

Home, Home Office or Office ... Do You Have A Tried And Tested Backup & Recovery Plan?

We recently performed a data recovery for a Customer with a Hard Drive that had failed, but the Customer had been doing backups on a regular basis so this should have been an easy recovery. However, the backup was also damaged, a single file in the Backups definition caused the backup to be unrecoverable. When you are performing backups for your valuable data, programs, OS and other files you should not need to worry about being able to restore them. One corrupt file should not prevent the remainder of the backup to be unrecoverable.

Do you have all the Installation Disks / Software for the Operating System and the Programs / Utilities on your computer?

Do you know all your User IDs and Passwords?

Do you have a copy of ALL your Data and Files ... or just some?

If you had to restore your computer from your back how confident are you that it will work?

Cloud Back Up options are great for some data and/or files but unless you have a Hi-Speed Unlimited Internet account they are not viable. And if your computer is Down how do you recover your Cloud Back Up?

We Believe In Not Just Backing Up Your Data But Your Entire OS, Installed Programs And Your Data.

We use software to perform either Hard Drive Cloning or Hard Drive Imaging, either way ALL of your Operating System, Installed Programs and your Data Files are ALL backed up. This is the most effective way to back up your computer. And the most reliable to restore or recover from. You can even select to restore specific items if required.

It can take an incredible amount of time to reinstall your Operating System, Programs and your Data, not to mention all the custom setup/changes you've made to make life easier for you. And if you cannot find the Installation Disks you may need to repurchase the software before you can reinstall.

By ensuring that Everything is on Your Back Up ... If heaven forbid you need to restore or recover from a Hard Drive failure you can be back up and running in minutes instead of days.

We have had customers that needed to recover from Hard Drive failures, Full Computer Recovery after a Flood destroyed their Office Server and the simpler issues like accidental file deletions.

Are you ready and capable of recovering your system? ... Or are you living on the edge and running your business on a computer with no backup or an incomplete backup? ... Are all your Family Photos and Home/Holiday Movies safe?

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