About Samwize Enterprises Inc

At Samwize Enterprises Inc we offer complete IT / Consulting Services at affordable prices.

I have been working in the Computer Industry for Consulting Companies since 1983.

And have been running Samwize Enterprises for over 10 years!

Our business mindset is not simply to put our Customers needs first but to find ways to improve their business with tools that they may not even know they need yet and we are dedicated to making our customers computer experiences uneventful and productive.

If for any reason we cannot help you with your computer issue or needs we will recommend someone who can.

Web Sites / E-Commerce Sites
. Do you need a Web Site or would you like an E-Commerce site that would allow you to sell your products online, we can help with either of these goals or with a Web Site built on top of a full e-commerce platform. We can provide you with a solution where all the content for your site is controlled and update by you via an administrators portal with NO programming experience needed. We can even provide hosting services for your site, including software backups, database backups and looking after any server issues.
PC / Laptop / Desktop
. Get a tune up now, to make sure that your PC, Laptop or Desktop is running well and without Malware, Spyware or Viruses. Are you running your Business on a Computer ... Do you have a tried and tested Back Up being performed on a regular basis. Because if you don't you are putting your Business in Jeopardy. We can help with a Back System that Works with built in redundancy options.
Server Maintenance / Support
. Need assistance keeping your office Server in good running condition or help with a virtual or shared server on services such as GoDaddy we'd be happy to help you keep things running smoothly.

IBM 3X Line. We have experience on the full IBM 3X line and even before, including: The System 23, System 34, System 36 and System 38.
IBM AS/400 & RISC System 6000.
We have many years experience working on the IBM AS/400 or IBM iSeries line of products as well as experience with the IBM RISC System 6000 series of AIX (Unix) Servers.

Our Location

Located the Roseneath / Rice Lake area of Northumberland County Ontario. A short drive north of the 401 and Cobourg Ontario. We service all throughout Northumberland County and have many customers in Toronto Ontario.

Roseneath, Ontario K0K 2X0



We had a PC Hard Drive fail, everyone who looked at the drive and said all our files were unrecoverable. We felt like our whole life was lost! Sam was able to recover 83,816 files in 3,345 folders including all our Family Pictures, Movies and important business documents.

Launa N. - Roseneath, Ontario

"Sam has always sorted out our computer issues both big and small.

Bruce & Alice of Northline Morgans - Fenella, Ontario