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Modern Digital Timesheet for Employees

Our Timesheet System is a modern employee time sheet app that works in a browser. Our Timesheet System streamlines timesheet collection and time analysis so you no longer have to fill out, scan, and store paper time sheets.

By using Our Timesheet System, you no longer have to rely on traditional physical timesheets and time cards, complex timekeeping systems, Excel spreadsheets, or rule-of-thumb estimates. But you can still export data into Excel or other applications.

Regulated overtime payments can be one of the heftiest bottom-line business expenses. Our Timesheet System makes it extremely easy for you to exactly how many hours each employee has worked.

With Our Timesheet System, monthly and hourly employees can enter hours spent on specific projects/tasks throughout the week, and revise them when needed so your reporting data is consistent.

Our Timesheet System can also be used to help calculate payroll and/or calculate billable hours automatically, based on your employees' hourly rates.

With Our Timesheet System all the reporting can be Exported into Excel.

You can use hourly Timesheet data to:

  • Improve the overall value of the work done by employees
  • Have a record of who worked on what and how much
  • Track overtime and fulfill legal requirements of knowing who worked how much
  • Minimize time spent on low-value tasks and maximize for high-value tasks
  • Send approved work hours to accounting and payroll in PDF or Excel

Export and use hourly Timesheet data for:

HR and Payroll

Track attendance, overtime, who worked on what and when, and how much everyone should be paid.

Client billing

See how much you worked on a project, how much you need to bill clients, set billable rates, and add narrative to time entries so you can justify invoices later.

Project status reporting

Estimate time, track time budgeted for tasks so you can make budget vs actual analysis, calculate resource utilization, and identify where labour hours are spent.

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